Oily Urine


urine_sampleAlthough you may not always notice your urine, before flushing it down. It wouldn’t be uncommon or a bad idea to check it out. The consistency, odor,  and color of urine can be a good detector of many health conditions that are adverse. Dark urine could signal dehydration, and also kidney failure- where as lighter/clear urine means the condition of the body is overall healthy.

What you eat, drink, and how your urinary tract is running is signaled through many types of changes in the output of your urine. One of the inconsistencies that can be a sign of great distress, worry, or health concern is oily urine.

Oily urine can be an indicator of several things that are not too serious, and other health conditions that may need further investigation by a medical professional.

Oily Urine Causes

Urine is the fluid that is processed and expelled by the body’s urinary tract. It contains wastes that have been filtered out of the body by the kidneys. The yellow color in urine is derived by something known as urochrome (which is a small trace of blood.) But, as well as the small yellow pigment by urochrome- the yellow or very dark yellow urine. or brighter orange urine can indicate dehydration as well as many other things including blood in urine, infection, alcohol use, and even some foods in your diet or medications can make the urine change.

Here are just a few causes that may result in oily urine:


A slight trace of oil in the urine is normal. This oiliness originates when urine is held in the bladder for a while. Usually however- when this type of oily urine is also present along with a milky look- it could be known as chyle (fats and proteins) which is a condition which needs further look and treatment from a medical doctor.

Urine Ketones

If you are not eating regularly, have diabetes or sugar problems, or have recently changed your diet to lose weight- you may experience something known as ketosis. Ketosis occurs when the body can no longer utilize carbohydrates to expend into energy.  However, once  carb reserves are tapped out the body will automatically begin to metabolize fats in the body. This is where ketones are then spilled into the urine.


When urine turns dark yellow/ golden/ or tea colored. it could be a sign that you have not been taking enough water. Dehydration usually can occur during illness, fever, after athletic events, workouts, and also when you have recently lost water by way of diarrhea or sweating. Make sure to increase fluids when you notice your urine this way. If you have other signs and symptoms and you are not urinating often after increasing fluid intake- consult medical help.

Excessive Vitamins

Vitamins and supplements can cause oily urine to occur. This could mean that certain vitamins are in excess or that they are not being properly absorbed. Change your diet in this case and also consume supplements that are safe and used as directed.

Oily Urine and Other Types: Concerns and What to Do

Typically when urine is healthy or normal it will not give off a pungent scent or aroma. However, if you notice an ammonia-like odor from your urine it could mean that you may have kidney stones or an infection of the kidneys or urinary tract. Also, if you notice a smell that is sweet coming from your urine, then it could possibly mean that you have sugar problems or diabetes. In other cases strong smells given by passing urine could be caused by eating certain foods in diet such as asparagus.

Another thing that should be watched with caution when changes occur is the frequency of urination.  Commonly, individuals urinate from 6-8 times during the day (some more and some less.) However, other factors can influence this such as fluid intake, drinking tea, coffee, or alcoholic beverages. Urinary frequency can also be a sign of other conditions such as:

  • Bladder spasms as a result of overactive bladder
  • Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease
  • Kidney Infection or UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)
  • Insulin/Glucose issues caused by Diabetes
  • Prostate problems in men (Cancer, or enlarged prostate)
  • Inflamed bladder Brought on by a condition known as  (Interstitial cystitis)

Oily Urine: Bottom Line

The urinary tract and system built up of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra are just about one of the most vital systems existent in the body (especially when it comes to removing toxins, wastes, and excess fluids that the body needs to eliminate.

When the urinary system is having issues or problems occur, most often the color and consistency and odor of your urine can be a tell-tale sign. Do be concerned with sudden changes of urine that result in strong odors, dark colors, or red/pink urine which can indicate blood in urine cause by kidney stones and infections. Also if you have dark urine with a pungent smell accompanied by pelvic pain, fever, chills, frequent urination (no urination) and burning while urinating you should consult with a physician immediately to rule out infections and other conditions that are more serious in nature.


  1. Greetings. I observe that my urine have slight oil, beside that at the age of 25 i am a diabetic person now i am 26 years old. I observe the slight oil on my urine this month nov 2017. Before i observe this slight oil, i’ll start my regular exercise, diet, and taking mineral like fish oil and vitamins C and E this june 2017. Lastly lemon grass and korean ginseng is my tea and snack wll be chayote, taro, and sweet potato. Is it regular to have slight oil on my urine while im doing all things that i mention? Pls reply i need your answer.

    • If you find that you have oil in your urine and are aware that you are consuming excessive oil, then you may want to reduce your consumption of oil. Continue to monitor your experiences as you alter your consumption. If you decide to speak with a medical professional, then make an appointment. Best of luck, Bryle!

  2. Was good but need more information. I have fatty liver and been detoxing doing a carbs diet was a beer drinker but quitted 3 months ago . Want to know why sometimes I have oily urine taking amino acids to help clean my liver. Much appreciated

    • I would be hesitant about using a detox diet or supplements. Your body is naturally able to detoxify itself, and many of the commercial products put added strain on your liver. The best thing to do would be to eat a healthy diet and continue to abstain from alcohol. If you aren’t using products like beer or detox supplements that stress your liver, your body will naturally detoxify on its own.


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